- Collect and organize the storage of documents and information products. Disseminate and provide information for teaching, learning, training, and scientific research of staff, lecturers, students, and readers inside and outside the school. At the same time, providing Library information services, supporting readers and cultural products of the school.


-  Advising and assisting the leaders of the School to build long-term and short-term plans and plans for the library's activities; organize and coordinate the entire system of information, documents and libraries in the school;

- Supplement and develop information sources to meet the schools' needs for teaching, learning, scientific research and technology transfer; to receive documents published by the school, accepted scientific studies, workshop documents, thesis, master's thesis, doctoral thesis of staff, lecturers, students, students, training programs, textbooks, lecture books and other forms of school materials, sponsored publications, donations, and materials exchanged between libraries;

- Organize the service, guide readers to exploit, search and use effectively resources and information products and services - the library through the service forms of the library in accordance with the regulations. under the law;

- Researching and applying advanced scientific and technological achievements and information technology to library management and organization. Prioritize the development of electronic libraries with electronic documents and lectures for students.

- Develop a plan, plan and organize the training of librarians' expertise, skills, foreign languages ​​and informatics to develop quality human resources in order to improve work efficiency;

- Organize and manage staff and assets as decentralized by the Principal;

- Organize the preservation  and storage of document capital in accordance with the law on archive To periodically inventory documents, technical facilities and other assets of the library; conduct the purification of outdated and damaged documents according to regulations.