Step 1:  Readers access the library's website to search or use the library's search computer.

Step 2:  Operate on the search interface.

- Adjust the typing method available in the search interface.

- Select the search item "Thesis / Thesis / Thesis ...

- Type keywords in the search box: Search for documents based on keywords of "Document title" or keywords that show "Document content" or "topic" you are looking for into the search box.

Step 3:  Select documents according to your needs:

- Read title to determine if it fits your needs?

- Use the information "Year of publication", "Publisher", "Author" ... to consider and consider the update, reliability and accuracy of the document according to your needs.

Click on the document of your choice.

Step 4:  Use the information to locate documents in the warehouse?

- For the  Thesis or Thesis or Course, we are only interested in " Special Registration Number" LANH000345  or  LVTS009826  or  KLKT006712 

- Based on the first 2 characters: Determine whether it is Thesis / Thesis / Thesis by "LA" or "LV" or "KL", which stands for Thesis or Thesis or Thesis? Based on this symbol you will enter the Thesis or Thesis or Thesis archive  in Reading Room 1

- Based on the next 2 symbols to determine if it is LA / LV / KL of the faculty / discipline?

    For example: NH = Faculty of Agriculture; TS = Department of Fisheries; KT = Faculty of Economics ....

- Based on the next 6 characters to determine where the LA / LV / KL is located on the shelf of the warehouse.

* Note:

 - In the warehouse, the indexes are posted on the signboard at the top of each shelf and each shelf surface in order from small to large and principle from outside to inside, from top to bottom, from left to right.