1. Rules

 -  Location: Reference Warehouse - 1st Floor of Library

 -  Time served: 

Monday to Friday: From 7:30 - 16:00

Saturday: From 7:30 - 11:30

 -  Amount borrowed:    2 document books / 1 use

 -  Time:  Borrowing within the day

- Late penalty fee:  Late payment of 1000 VND / book / day.

- Loss or tearing of documents handled according to the general rules of the Library

2. Guide to borrow materials

      - Step 1:   Look up the document code at the search engine

      - Step 2:   Read and present the Student ID card (activated into the library card) to the staff. Get keys if you need to keep personal belongings.

      - Step 3: Go to the   warehouse to find 2 documents that you need, place the documents on the check-in counter for the loan officer to read on the spot.

      - Step 4:   Receive the document to use, then return to return the document within the day. Return the material before you can borrow the next turn.

      - Step 5:   You register with the staff if you need to copy documents.